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Omni-Vault TL-30 Safe | TL30-723530


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For those who require serious security, the TL-30 safe is what you need.

These safes have been thoroughly tested by Underwriting Laboratories using all the tools a burglar would use. Passing this test allows the safe to be labeled with the TL-30 label, and insurers will insure contents valued up to $250,000 based on this certification*.

The body and door of our TL-30 safes are constructed of hardened steel, high-pressure concrete, and other proprietary hard-to-drill products. The body is 3″ thick and the door is 5-1/4″ thick. The door is protected by ten 1-1/4″ thick bolts (5 active).

You choose what configuration of locks you would like – choose two from:

  • Electronic lock
  • Mechanical dial lock
  • Key lock

The concrete construction makes the safe naturally resistant to fire, and the door also has a heat-expanding liner to further protect the interior.


  • TL-30 certified and labeled
  • Two locking mechanisms
  • Five adjustable shelves
  • Inside: 66″h X 29″w X 20-3/4″d
  • Exterior: 72″h x 35″w x 29-1/2″d
  • 2,860 lbs

Due to the weight of this safe, you must have a high loading dock or forklift to unload this safe from the delivery truck.

* May vary depending on insurer.

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