If you're in the market for more than a high security safe, then you will want a custom concrete modular vault. With panels from 5" to 9" thick and the highest UL security ratings around, you can rest assured your assets are safe with our maximum security vaults.

  • 5" Class M Panels
    • 2 Hour Fire Resistance
    • 15 Minutes Burglary Resistance
  • 5" Class 1 Panels
    • 2 Hour Fire Resistance
    • 30 Minute Burglary Resistance
  • 9" Class 2 Panels
    • 3 Hour Fire Resistance
    • 60 Minute Burglary Resistance

These panels are almost 60% thinner and less than half the weight of equivalent vaults. This allows the vault room to take up less floor space and reduces the floor load pressure.

The modular design of these custom vaults even allows for future expansion and relocation. These designs also have the largest free span capability eliminating the need for inside structural support.

Vault Doors

When it comes to doors we have 2 options, class 1 or class 2. These doors have some of the most unique qualities such as the automatic anti-lock in device that prevents the extension of the locking bar after opening without inserting a key into the back of the door to release the mechanism. This helps prevent a hold up from locking people into the high security vault once the door is opened for business. 

An alternate locking system is available that adds a third combination lock where any two of the three combination locks dialed correctly will allow the door to open. Browse our collection of high security doors designed for vault rooms.

Underwriters Laboratories Test

Underwriters Laboratories developed a standard for vault walls and vault doors using performance test criteria with specific tool compliments to list panels according to their ability to resist burglar attack. This was the first formal performance testing to be done extensively on this type of product. U.L. tested a 12" thick poured wall lasted only 43 minutes against their attack. Most suppliers chose to maintain a similar reinforcement pattern as described in the BPA. U.L. instituted a seven year re-test program to insure that manufacturers of modular vault walls and vault doors maintain a design that will continue to evolve to keep pace with the criminal element. All suppliers must re-submit panels for testing every seven years and pass the test to maintain the UL listing. The panels are performance tested and not just built to arbitrary construction specifications.