American Security DSF2516 Drop Safe

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The DSF2516 is a great solution for all your drop and till storage needs. With flexible lock options and strong construction, you wont have a thing to worry about. 





  • 1/8" solid steel plate
  • Four anchor bolt holes
  • 1/2" Solid Steel Plate
  • Three 1" Diameter Steel Locking Bolts
  • Auto Lock Bolt Detent System
  • Auxiliary Relocking Device
  • Large Carburized Hardplate

Receiving Locker:

  • 1/4" Solid Steel Plate
  • Clear Door: 6" H x 10" W
  • Inner Dimensions: 5-7/8" H x 15-3/4" W x 13-3/4" D
  • Cubic Capacity: 1272 cu/in

Till Storage Compartment:

  • Fit Up To 4 Till Trays
  • Clear Door: 14-1/2" H x 12" W
  • Inside Dimensions: 9" H x 15-3/4" W x 17" D
  • Cubic Capacity: 2410 cu/in
Front Hopper:
  • Large Package Sizes: 4" D x 2-3/4" W x 10-1/2" L
  • 1/4" Solid Steel Plate
  • Dual "anit-fish" Baffles
Lock Options


  • U.L. Listed Type 1 High Security Electronic Lock
  • Time Delay
  • Multiple Users
  • Dual Control
  • Armored Car Override

ESL Audit:


  • All components communicate through an encrypted newtwork
  • Supports dual control and armored car pickups
  • Supports time delay as a deterrent to robberies
  • Supports time lock restricted access to defined operating hours
  • Supports alarm output or duress alarm
  • 2000 record audit trail
  • Supports up to 40 users, each of whom can have unique privileges.
  • PIN Code and/or electronic keys for user authentication.
  • Optional door sensor detects if door is left open
  • Back-up database securied inside of safe


  • Retrofits most mechanical or electronic locks
  • 3 Unique lock designs
  • Controls 1 or 2 doors 
  • Safe doors can be configured in an inner/outer door configuration
  • Authentication options: Pin and/or Amsec E-Key
  • 9-volt battery and optional AC power
  • Optional remote time delay indicator
  • Update firmware via USB port
PC application
  • Manage users
  • View and store audit trails
  • Manage system configuration
  • Manage door settings
  • Inside Dimensions: 24-3/4" H x 15-3/4" W x 17" D
  • Outside Dimensions: 25" H x 16" W x 20" D
  • Clear Door: 14-1/2" x 12"
  • Cubic Inches: 3682 cu/in
  • Weight 240lbs





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