Browning TL-30

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52 long gun capacity, 45 ft³ of storage, 68.5"H x 43.5"W x 26"D

Industrial Level Protection
The TL-30 resides in a class of its own - it's protection surpasses everything else offered in the Browning ProSteel inventory. Featuring two layers of 11-Gauge steel enclosed around 2.5" of high-strength cement with L-bar reinforcement, this safe is a veritable bunker for your guns. This safe will withstand all but the most sophisticated and determined theft attempts and will withstand a 1750 degree inferno for two full hours!

Gun Capacity / Config 52 total (26/39+13) Body Thickness Two Layers 11 Gauge Plus 2-1/2" High Strength Aggregate Concrete With L-Bar Reinforcement
Bolts 16 (All Active) Cubic Feet 45
Fire Rating 120 Minute / 1750° Overall Weight 3090 lbs 
Dimensions 68.5x43.5x26 Handle Type 5-spoke
Door Thickness 2-1/2" Paint TEXTURE
Scene / Graphics Metal Plate Logo and Pinstriping Lock System Gear Drive
Safe Security Rating TL-30 Interior Color Simulated Worn Leather
Locking Bolt Sides 4 Sides (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)