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The new Amsec CEV3524 anti-burglary safe comes with great security and value! Built by one of the most notorious manufacturers in the industry! The Amsec CEV3524 is the perfect safe for your business or personal assets! 


  • 3" Composite Security Barrier with 6" Overall
  • UL TL15 Security Rating
  • 1½" Locking Bolts
  • ESL10XL Electronic Lock
  • Exterior Pull Handle
  • Tri-spoke handle
  • Textured Black Finish


  • 3½" Thick Construction consisting of a high density fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel barriers
  • Reinforced drill resistant door frame 
  • Bolt chambers for each bolt
  • Inner steel barrier to protect against peeling attacks
  • One recessed 9/16" anchor holes
  • Textured Black Finish


  • Proprietary High Strength Concrete Mix
  • 120 Minute Fire Rating


  • Outside: 42" x 31" x 29½"
  • Inside: 35" x 24" x 15"
  • Cubic Feet: 9.7
  • Weight: 1674lbs
  • Shelving: 2
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