Browning Mark V Blackout - 33 Standard



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33 long gun capacity, 23 ft³ of storage, 58"H x 29"W x 24" D With the Black Label Mark V 33 Standard, you can celebrate the 4th of July, Flag Day and every other official American holiday by "flying" the flag every day. It's the safest way to fly the flag, so to speak.

We call it the Blackout for a reason. The subtle black on black door motif keeps your patriotic message strong without overpowering your decor. The inside is no less impressive with DPX storage that gives you the kind of fast, easy access that you only get with a Browning ProSteel safe. This particular model is a SHOT Show Special, introduced at the 2018 SHOT Show. It is the original safe of its style and looks ever! Those outside the United States may not understand, but our flag and our guns are important symbols we like to keep safe and close at hand. Putting a lot of practical into a tactical gun safe design.
The Browning MP33 Mark V safe provides value, security, and convenience for those who want a safe designed for the modern sporting rifle user.
The interior is maximized and perfected for storing the sizes and shapes of gun you own. And you can further customize if you desire. On the door storage is a Browning specialty that allows you to keep the guns you use most often in a place that is easy and fast to get at.


  • 12 Gauge Steel Body
  • 1" Formed Door with Partial Inner Plate
  • Force Deflector Locking System
  • Hardened Steel Pin Lock Protection
  • 1" Chromed Steel Locking Bolts on All Four Sides of Door
Fire Protection
  • 1400 Degrees for 60 Minutes
  • 1-1/2" Ceiling Insulation
  • 1" Body Insulation
  • 1" Door Insulation
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Blackout American Flag Graphic
  • Single Drop Handle in Black Finish
  • Beige Fabric Interior 
  • DPX Storage System with Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack
  • CMS Shelving
  • Two Carbine Barrel Loops
  • Elevated Floor Protects Gun Stocks
  • 33 Long Gun Capacity 13/26 + 7 on door
  • Exterior: 58" x 29" x 24"
  • Interior: 53" x 26" x 17"
  • Cubic Feet: 23
  • Browning MP33 Weight: 520lbs
  • 8 Locking Bolts
Standard Interior: 
  • 4 CMS Shelves
  • 2 High Capacity Barrel Racks
  • 1 Pistol Rack
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