Browning Home Safe 9 90 Minute Fire



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Simple and robust home protection.

Don't leave your irreplaceable memories and precious items unprotected. Whether it's a fire or a home invasion, one disaster can be the cause of lost memories, destroyed precious items, or even months of beauracratic nightmares replacing personal identity documents. Don't wait until it's too late.



  • Bolts: 8
  • Fire Rating: 90 minute at 1400
  • Dimensions: 30" H x 24" W x 20" D
  • Door Type: 1-5/16" Formed
  • Scene/Graphics: Metal Plate Logo
  • Safe Security Rating: UL RSC Tool Attack
  • Locking Bolt Sides: 2 Sides (Left, Right)
  • Body Thickness: 11 Gauge
  • Cubic Feet: 9
  • Overall Weight: 290lbs
  • Handle Type: Single Drop
  • Paint: Texture
  • Lock System: Force Deflector
  • Interior Color: Beige Fabric
  • U.S. Suggested Retail: $1,239
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Due to Covid-19 and high demand, contact us about current lead times for specific model availability, some models in stock.

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