Browning 1878-33 Standard Safe - Factory Second

SKU: 1878-33 Electronic Lock Factory Second

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Factory Second Definition: Deep Scratches, Dents or Excessive Grind Marks in Steel, Excessive Water Marks in Steel. Runs or Grit in clear coat.

The standard for hunters. The smallest gun safe in the 1878 line, the 33 is classified as a Standard size safe. The slim interior houses up to 33 long guns with plenty of space for jewelry, pistols, documents and other important items. The small overall size of the 1878-33 makes it the ideal safe if you don't have a lot of extra room, or you want to store a portion of your firearms in a bedroom closet or other location separate from your primary firearm storage.

  • 11 Gauge Steel Body
  • 1 1/4" Formed Door
  • Force Deflector System
  • UL RSC Tool Attack
  • 14 Locking Bolts (8 Active)
  • Locking Bolt Size: 1-1/4"
  • Fire
    • 90 Minute / 1680
    • Expandable Fire Seal
    • Handle Type: Cast Iron Wheel
    • Paint: Stained Steel
    • Interior Color: Beige Fabric
    • Axis Interior
    • Scope Saver
    • Gun Capacity: 33 Total (13/26 + 7)
    Finish Statement

    The 1878 Series is finished with a clear coat, and does not receive bondo or primer as a standard gloss finished safe would. Simply, they are made with raw steel, then have an outer clear coat applied as their finish. All model 1878 safes show the natural beauty of the steel, hence they will show all welds, stains, rub marks, coil marks, scratch or chip marks, heat affected zones, and light silver spots where the dark gray mill scale has popped. Just how the wood grains in fine furniture have their own unique character, every 1878 safe comes with their own special uniqueness. One unit is not the same as the next. 

    Please understand that these marks on the steel will show on any and all 1878 safes.

    • Dimensions: 60" H x 31" W x 25" D
    • Weight: 715lbs
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