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ECBS -GRADE 1/ LFS30P- Tested

All the advantage in one safe (ISM -RESIDENTIALSECURITY CONTAINER) Burglary resistance tested by ECBS against burglary and fire according to EN15659. Burglary resistance tested by ECBS against burglary and fire according to EN15659. This commercial high security safe is built by multi-layered steel plates and concrete cast for maximum strength and high resistance to intrusion. The door is reinforced with steel bars that againts drilling and breaking the lock mechanism attempts.  The safes locking system is a multi-direction boltwork mechanism and a double locking mechanism consisting of a combination lock and a high security key lock for safes which are protected by re-lockers.


Multi Layered Structure

The safe is built from several layers of different protection features, materials such as steel, reinforced steel, aluminum, copper, concrete, glass and etc. Combination of materials requires a diverse of hacking tools that provides longer response time.

Special Alloy Grid

Patented ISM Safes. Bars with a unique ultra-high resistance to drilling and sawing that provide maximum durability against attacks, made of special steel alloy.

Bolts Engagement

A multi-directional boltwork locking. When the system is locking the bolts are extended from several directions. A multi-directional boltwork provides a higher level of protection against burglary attacks on the safe.

In Wall Bolts Sockets

The bolts are locked into cylindrical chambers in the body safe. In wall bolts sockets are used for further protection of the bolts, specially during an attack on the safe.

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