John Escobar has been in the business for over 30 years and is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to safes and running a business. John started his first business in the late 80's moving and installing safes then in 1993 he founded Cold Steel Safe Co in Redding California. It didn't take long for John to build a massive reputation and everybody from around was buying a safe from him. 

In 1999, he then opened his 2nd location in Rocklin offering his products and services which then moved to Downtown Roseville and is still there to this day. Now the business is called High Noble Safe Co which changed in 2015. But don't worry, John still owns and operates the business just like he did prior. John is the type of business owner that wants the job done right and the customers are always first. Just look at all the raving reviews about his company! 

When it comes to buying a safe or using our services, just know that you are in good hands.