Browning Heavyweight 16 Gun Safe (2017 Model)

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Slim interior electronic lock gun safe holds up to 19 long guns
Force Deflector keeps bolt and handle forces from reaching the lock with a rotating cam device for efficient energy transfer
DPX® storage system with modular, door-mounted racks for long guns with pouches and pockets for pistols, jewelry, and other valuables
Pry-Stop bolts on the top and bottom of the door’s side attach to a high-strength steel angle iron, which reduces the risk of the bolt support bar bending
ThermaBlock technology with thick fire insulation in an interlocking design protects safe contents
1’’ formed door features a durable steel face with back reinforcement panels for ultimate strength and resistance
3-spoke handle for easy access
Gloss paint finish for a sleek look
Silk-screen logo and scroll
Beige fabric interior
Fire rating: 80 minutes / 1550° F
Safe Security rating: UL® RSC Tool Attack
Total bolts: 9 (5 active)
Locking bolt sides: 3 (top, left, right)
Body thickness: 11 gauge
Dimensions: 60’’ x 24’’ x 19’’
Overall weight: 480 lbs
Cubic feet: 16